To Every Purpose

What we use

We are very eclectic in our homeschool method. We use a little of everything. Some textbooks, some Charlotte Mason-style with living books and notebooking, we have days with interest-led learning, Montessori-style play, and we also utilize lots of unit studies- many of which I piece together myself. We use curriculum, but we are flexible with it.

We have accordion folder portfolios we build each year for the kids to store their work and projects in, and we track and keep the completed workbooks from their core subjects. All and all, we are always learning and loving the journey! 

Here is some of what we use:

Reading: Books for their reading level. We are hardcore fans of our wonderful local library. For learning to read, we use Hooked on Phonics and

Math: Christian Light Education's Sunrise Math

Literature: We read aloud a variety of classic literature. Sometimes we follow with some Sonlight comprehension questions or some free lapbook materials from each book. I love to build units out of our favorite classics, where we enjoy various adaptations of the story through also watching their films, and attending plays and musicals when they are locally available. We love The Boxcar Children series.

Literature books we have enjoyed over the last year+ include: Charlotte's Web, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, James and the Giant Peach, A Lion to Guard Us, Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, The Hobbit, etc. Free unit study materials and additional activities/resources for all of these stories and more can be found easily online, at places like The Homeschool Share website.

History: Story of the World, Living books and biographies, Heroes for Young Readers

Geography: Talking maps, Globe, Read Across America series

Science: Apologia, plus some McGraw Hill materials, and lots of time outdoors exploring with build-on unit studies, plus visits and classes at our area Nature Center

Computer: Starfall, Scholastic Brain Play, Reader Rabbit, Jump Start, etc.

"Learn At Home" Curriculum Workbooks---a secret GEM! 

Bible and Character: Bible stories,, Awana, Children's Book of Virtues by William Bennett, Joy Wilt Berry's Lets Talk About series

Art: With Grandma, along with various crafts and projects (we paint most days of the week), plus our homeschool co-op has Art Class

Extra: Monday mornings during the school year, we have our weekly Learning Cooperative. We've grown to 90+ kids each week. The kids enjoy music, sign language, spanish, dance, art, home ec., social clubs, unit studies, guest speakers, etc. with their friends. 

Our Schedule

Tuesday-Friday: We start school after breakfast and chores. We typically start with calendar/weather time, (my preschool son really enjoys our music and movement time) reading and math, then move on to various subjects and projects as the week's agenda pertains. We break for lunch and pick up some further study and projects during the afternoon. Some afternoons, when they need it, we have playdates with various friends during the week. Exceptions to this routine are our once-a-month field trip days with our homeschool group, which vary depending on the event and location.

Mondays: Homeschool Co-op- we enjoy shared learning of non-core classes with 30-40 other homeschool families every Monday, including gym or playground time.